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NLPC Calls for Removal of Tim Cook and Al Gore from Apple's Board of Directors

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Al Gore and CEO Tim Cook's removal from the Apple board of directors during the March 10 shareholder meeting has been proposed by the National Legal and Policy Center in two exempt solicitations that have been filed with the SEC. 

The NLPC is using its influence as an Apple shareholder to persuade other investors to reject Al Gore's nomination for a director position and to vote against reappointing CEO Tim Cook to the board of directors.

In accordance with a Fox Business report, Al Gore was never qualified to serve on the board of Apple, and his tenure of more than 20 years is absurd. 

This is according to Paul Chesser, director of the NLPC's Corporate Integrity Project. 

Additionally, according to Chesser, Gore's only qualifications that met Apple's standards were his support for climate change, which Chesser contends has been debunked.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) has sponsored a shareholder proposal that asks Apple to fully disclose the risks of doing business in China and the full scope of its supply chain there. 

This proposal joins the one to remove Al Gore from Apple's board of directors. 

In addition to urging shareholders to vote against Cook's reappointment to the board, the proposal also calls for more details on Apple's operations in China.

Both proposals will be discussed and decided upon on March 10 at Apple's annual shareholder meeting. Shareholders can enter their assigned control number on the shareholder website and register if they want to attend.

During the shareholder meeting, the proxy advisory firm advised investors to support a number of resolutions, including one that called for a report on the median gender and racial pay gaps and another that amended the proxy access right. 

However, Apple's management was against these suggestions.

According to corporate governance experts, shareholder proposals that receive more than approximately 25% support of votes cast tend to signal to the board that changes are necessary.

During Apple's previous annual meeting, a proposal requesting the company to report on its gender and racial pay gaps was voted down by shareholders, with 66.4% of votes cast against it.

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