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Employees at Amazon ask CEO Andy Jassy to reverse the return-to-office requirement

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According to a report by CNBC, employees at Amazon are urging CEO Andy Jassy to reconsider a new return-to-work policy. Jassy announced that beginning May 1, corporate staff would be required to spend at least three days a week at the office. 

The CEO believes that in-person work would make it easier for employees to collaborate and innovate together. 

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Amazon's pandemic-era policy, last updated in October 2021, left it up to managers to determine their teams' office attendance frequency. 

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As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, Andy Jassy's net worth was estimated to be around $500 million. However, it's important to note that net worth can fluctuate over time based on various factors such as changes in stock prices, investments, and business deals.

The company's white-collar workforce has used hybrid and fully remote work arrangements in recent years.

Employees have created a Slack channel to advocate for remote work and voice concerns about the new policy. More than 14,000 workers had joined the Slack channel as of Tuesday morning.

The employees have also signed a petition addressed to Jassy and the S-team, urging them to drop the new policy. 

They argue that the policy runs contrary to Amazon's positions on diversity and inclusion, affordable housing, sustainability, and focus on being the "Earth's Best Employer."Staff members are worried about how the policy will impact them because they relocated as during disease outbreak or were hired for a remote position.

Other than Jassy's statement that "a small minority" of people will be exempt from the new rule, Amazon hasn't addressed whether remote workers will be asked to move.

According to data cited in the petition, a number of employees prefer working entirely remotely, with the option of a monthly sync-up in the office, or prefer working in the office at most one to two days per week. 

According to research, remote work boosts productivity, lowers costs, and enables businesses like Amazon to draw and keep top talent.

The warning also emphasises how employees, particularly those who are parents, members of underrepresented groups, carers, and those with disabilities, may experience difficulties maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a result of a shift towards primarily in-person work.

Concerns about Amazon's decision to require in-person work in all circumstances have also been expressed by employees. 

For instance, employees based all over the world might need to physically visit the office even for virtual meetings, and they might not have any coworkers present.

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