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Aakash lends Byju's 300 crore for principal business activities.

Aakash lends Byju's 300 crore for principal business activities.

Byju's, the most valuable ed - tech startup, has been set to borrow $300 million from its conglomerate Aakash Educational Services for "principal business activities."

Aakash Educational Services stated in its most recent filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that it is granting an unsecured loan of 300 crore to Think & Gain knowledge, that also works Byju's, which really is subject to approval.

"The board of directors of the company, in their meeting held on October 3, subject to the approval of members in general meeting," the filing mentioned.

The loan carries an annual interest rate of 7.50%, it added.

In April 2021, Byju's procured Aakash Academic Facilities for well almost $900 million in cash and stock.

Byju's, on the other hand, stated that the loan is essentially a progress against the advertising campaigns and activities that it has trying to run for Aakash.

"The Aakash Educational Services Ltd lending of 300 crore is effectively a progress against the advertising campaigns and initiatives that BYJU'S has already been running for Aakash. BYJU'S customer purchase mainstream press places in bulk for all of its business groups to take advantage of economies of scale. This is an strategic approach that has resulted in extremely positive outcomes for the both organizations and Aakash "Byju stated.

"Since its acquisition, BYJU's Aakash had already risen by more than 100%. Keep in mind that as a corporation and the affiliated companies, we could only give or receive lending for 'principal business activities.' The economic activity in this case is trying to market for the core business, which even the team already has spent and is currently being compensated for "It went on to say.

Byju's announced earlier this month that it had brought up $250 million in a legal issue from institutional shareholders at a valuation of $22 billion.

Byju's announced earlier this month it was going to lay off 2,500 workers in order of becoming profitable by the March 2023. The job cuts would represent 5% of Byju's entire workers, which is estimated to be approximately 50,000 people.

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